Bananas go to law school, too!


oh dear. i've begun. for the longest time i've been reading other people's blogs, first angrily, hating on them for "selling out" to "the man" that is "blogspot." then i realized that yee olde blog is far more informative that away messages; cough, cough, 'i'm away from my computer.'" so, since everyone else is doing it ---

Alright. now what?

well, I went with Jill to the tatoo parlor yesterday where she got the long-awaited flame on her heart. I felt so naked there because everyone (including, after 20 minutes, Jill) had all this ink on them and I'm like "um, i had a nose ring for two years! does that count?" But, no, I did not get a penguin on my hip (which would be my tatoo of choice, if I had to get one) in some sort of peer pressure-induced haze. I came home and my mom was all spouting conspiracy theories about diseases in the tatoo ink and this and that. which i love, and i will miss, when i am in the NYC...

the day after tomorrow!!!!

And, about two months after that, I get to hit up Rochester for a little Meliora Weekend action. For all non-Rochestarians, it's essentially an alumni weekend and parents weekend all rolled into one fancy drunk package. Last year, Mel Weekened was capped off by chain smoking with J. Smith in the back room of pearl, her complaining about law school. attention law school-bound members of the delta gee: one of you damn well better pick up smoking so we can make it a yearly tradition, a la 'willing down.'