Bananas go to law school, too!


A dozen!

You know what time it is! Time for me to accomplish more procrastination with another blog post!!! Today, I bring you March song picks and one fabulous link. First, the songs:

Underworld - Trim
Pas/Cal -The Bronze Beached Boys (Come On Let's Go)
Dani Siciliano - Extra Ordinary
The French Kicks - The Trial of the Century (These guys have been my very recent "band of the moment." Love them!)
Aqueduct - Growing up with GNR
Cinerama - Manhattan
The Delgados - Reasons for Silence
Dear Nora - Rollercoaster
Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost (I listened to this song on repeat for three hours Saturday night. That's how good it is.)
Augustana - Boston
The Be Good Tanyas - The Junkie Song
Sixpence None the Richer - Dizzy

And now, a link. Pandora. I just discovered this the other day, but it's a REALLY cool online radio that will give you recommendations based on a song that you like. Sooo, for example, say you love "The Junkie Song." Type that sucker into the radio and it will stream a bunch of songs that have the same "genes" as that song - vocals, instrumentalization, tonal quality, etc. It's fun, addicting and a really good way to get some new songs on the ol' playlist. You know, when my fabulous choices are worn out :)