Bananas go to law school, too!


song picks for december! Most of these really are my faves right now but half way through making the list I realized a good portion of the titles are hilariously applicable to studying for law school finals. So, here we go [some, though, are such good songs they trump the would-be theme and are still included],
Finals-themed song recommendations....

Failed, Joseph Arthur
Brain Damage, The Waifs
Carry on Wayward Son, Kansas (WHO DOESN'T LIKE KANSAS?)
Upward Over the Mountain, Iron & Wine
Said the Spider to the Fly, The Paper Chase
The Best Happiness Money Can Buy, I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business (get it? we're law students!)
Born of Frustration, James
*Grand Parade, The Reindeer Section
C is the Heavenly Option, Heavenly
*Play Crack the Sky, Brand New (I have been listening to this sucker on repeat for five days. Listen to it. Love it)
*Dice, William Orbit
You or Your Memory, Mountain Goats
Believer, Ben Kweller
Cry, James Blunt (thanks to the fabo KT for this rec.)

Those not finals-themed and just damn good are asterisked :)