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Song Picks for April

The ONE good thing about studying a lot is that I get to discover a lot of new music through Yahoo MusicMatch. Although I love Musicmatch and tell all my friends who don't have ipods (you know, those two people) to get it because, although it's awesome, it isn't compatible with ipods. Unfortunately, I recently learned that you can't transfer your music even to a non-ipod mp3 player without spending an ADDITIONAL 10 dollars a month to get the subscription to Yahoo ToGo. Still, if I download more than 15 songs a month and try to transfer then to my nonexistant mp3 player, it's still cheaper than itunes' rate of 99 cents a song. But still, yahoo's getting more expensive, lame.

Anway, without further ado, song picks for April!

1. Hurt -Johnny Cash : I saw Walk the Line the other day and it was SO GOOD. I rediscovered a lot of older Johnny Cash stuff that I had downloaded my freshman year of college but had long since forgotten about. Still, this song is a song that whenever it comes I have to stop what I'm doing and just listen.
2. Insatiable - Darren Hayes : Fair enough, this popped up on my music station because I'm "a fan of Peter Cetera." So FINE, I have a little smattering of lame music in my collection. Sue me.
4. Accused of Stealing - The Delgados
5. The Flat Earth - Thomas Dolby : Longer song, highly recommended as a studying tune.
6. Sun Shines Where You Are - Sam Bisbee
7. The Suggestion Box - Aqueduct
8. Amore Veneris - Arab Strap : Another slow, long song. Love it.
9. The Postman - The American Analog Set : I always love it when there's a little bit of band chitchat during the first few seconds of a song. Predictably, this song employs that technique.
10. Under the Milky Way - The Church : You know how songs "bring you back" to a certain time, like if you listen to a Gin Blossoms song, your brain transports itself into 7th period Italian class. Well, this song gives me that feeling about a time I CAN'T IDENTIFY but, at the same time, I know I hadn't heard ever before the first time I heard it last week. Anyway, it's still a good song even if it doesn't give audio dejavu.

If you noticed I skipped a number, 10 points. It's my little way of celebrating Daylight Savings Time.