Bananas go to law school, too!


So, we had more pretend law school today and it went, actually, a lot better. Met some cool people with whom, finally, I could have a conversation beyond the scope of where they went to college/grew up and what section they were in. So, maybe as Sara made abundantly clear last night, 24 hours does not a social circle make, unless you lived on Hoeing 2 freshman year (note to remind self: did not actually have a conversation with Sara until WELL into first semester). Therefore, hope is not lost into becoming a anti-social hermit.
I skipped a seminar on Legal Ethics today. And, no, I didn't do it just because I saw the immense irony in it or because I thumb my nose at ethics. I needed to get a book for class (had been reading roommate's boook and, let's be honest, no one likes a mooch) and my F-ham ID, so that I can actually come and go in the law school as I please. With newfound freedom, I realized that (because it was a royal pain in the ass to get in and out of the building, and classes and room is connected by a tunnel, so i just stayed inside the last 24 hours) I needed to be outside like NO ONE's buisness. A little sunshine and fresh air did me more good (I think) than three hours in a classroom could have. I feel infinitely more grounded, happy and sane.
class is going well, I'm actually REALLY getting into my reading. I forgot how much I just really like law stuff. True, baby constitutional, criminal and first amendment college classes are no indication of law school (and neither is baby law school class we're taking right now), but, overall, there's something to be said about good, logical arguments. AND it's just so cool to look back at everything in your life with a different pair (read: law school-shaped) glasses on.
so, now back to drinking cold coffee and reading about how Dick Hunt screwed over 10 Gold this last semester and if ONLY i had been a lawyer at the time (becuase, clearly, I am a lawyer now) we could have at least gotten a little prorated rent back :)