Bananas go to law school, too!


tonight was so fun. i hung out with jacqueline, from rochester, and it was SO NICE. we had a fabo time. we hung out with three other guys who went to every law school in NYC (fordham, brooklyn, cornell, nyu & columbia were all represented in STYLE). there was an associate from a big, fancy law firm in NYC there and the entire night I was like "so, tell me MORE about fancy pants law firm."
and then i made it home alive. i walked a full 20 blocks alone and DIDN"T GET MURDERED. although some dude stopped me near the time warner center and was like "you look just like the girl from napolean dynamite" and then we talked about napolean dynamite for a while and then i was like "um, this was great and all, but i need to get home." and, apparently, no one smiles in NYC becuase on the way home three people stopped me and were like "damn, you have a nice smile." i refuse to let up on my chicago demeanor. Fine, if law school corrupts me and makes me realize that, no, I CAN NOT make a living being a civil liberties lawyer and I will therefore sell my sould to the corporate law devil, but I WILL NOT become a token jaded and angrypants new yorker. damn straight midwest.