Bananas go to law school, too!


But, I don't wanna

I know I have lots to do. Reading for class, namely - class that starts on Monday and Tuesday. Of course, I am lacking, how do you say...."motivation."

For one, none of my professors have posted grades yet. It would be nice to know how last semester turned out - just to know if I have to make any major changes or shifts in my studying. Of course, I can rationalize not focusing on my first-day reading no matter what grades are posted:

If A: I am BLOODY BRILLIANT. I need not "study," at least not yet.
If B: Let me embrace my mediocrity. And eat some Lipton Cup-a-Soup. But not read.
If C: Well, CLEARLY, dong the reading for the first day of class didn't so much work for me last semester. Let's make some changes.

Lovely, that's established. No reading for me, at least not until Sunday.

Helping me in this no-reading "plan" is an email from my Civ Pro professor cancelling the first THREE classes of the semester. Yes, we'll have to make them up later, but I think in the VERY SHORT TERM, so it is a thing Most Good.

In other law school news, I have an interview on Friday that I'm excited about. Of course, landing this job would mean that I would have to live in Chicago for the summer (i.e. at home), which I really don't know if I'm up for. But still, it would be great to get some sort of legal job offer, even if I don't ultimately take that specific one. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, yes?