Bananas go to law school, too!


Drunk Newscasters

Happy New Year, all! I was going to make a fabulous "resolution" post as is the norm in the ole' blog world, but decided against it, as it really is no more interesting than such GEMS as "stop biting nails" and "write novel." So I'll spare you.

In other news, one of the many highlights of last night's new year's festivities was watching 10 minutes of the Finest Countdown in the Midwest, complete with drunk newscasters. My favorite was watching our very own Tracy Butler swill some champagne and get cozy with some random male newscaster at the House of Blues. She started dancing to some magical music, and it was all elbows & knees. Of course, I can't talk, because GOD HELP ME if there were a live television camera on my any time I was within 10 feet of a bottle of alcohol. Elbows and knees, indeed.