Bananas go to law school, too!


it's midnight and i have fourty (or is it 'forty'?) pages to read for my 9 o'clock tomorrow, not to mention my1130 or 2 o'clock. but i had a lovely, laughy night, so i'll take a little less sleep.

i got to talk on the phone with so many of my faves from rochester (AND BEYOND!) tonight as well as just had an all-around good day/night with people in this lovely city. And now, because says it's so, I want to stay up late to witness my first high-rise-apartment-thunderstorm.
speaking of thunderstorms, i'd say my number-five memory from this summer is also my last.

...Jill came over and we shared a (first of two) bottle of wine. it was a delicious zinfindel whose smokey, rich flavors went quite well with our cherry-flavored camels (because we're poor and nicotine is both cheaper and more user-friendly than complicated food pairings of braised duck and brie). But then, realizing we were hungry from a day of smoking and drinking wine and not eating much else, we went and got the only thing that goes better with good wine than cigarettes -- ranch-flavored pringles. we rode our bikes to walgreens, and it had been one of those ethereal, the-sky-is-going-to-break-open nights, picked up the spoils of our labor, and then started the trek home. By the time we had gotten to the first stoplight, the sky did, in fact, break open and it POURED. The wind was so strong and the rain was blowing sideways and we quickly became soaked, to our drunken core. We had switched all the way to our granny gear in a vain attempt to combat the wind and then realized we could barely see because the rain was stinging our eyes. But we ventured on, and spent the whole ride home, soaked, blind, slowly moving down the street shrieking and laughing louder than i had in a good, long, while.
When we got home, we had to change out of our clothes (no, this is not where the story turns into a porn movie, sorry CoCo, I know you'd love it) and since all my normal, not-nerd clothes were packed away for the seven-hours-from-now trip to NYC, we ended up spending the rest of the night sporting oversized swim team warmups from my freshman/sophomore year swim season, barefoot and still, somehow, soaking wet in my living room, drinking (now snazzy merlot!) and eating ranch pringles. It was classic.

And it was worth spending the next 13 hours of a car ride next to my little brother with the WORST HANGOVER KNOWN TO MANKIND.

so, maybe this thunderstorm tonight can't compare. but either anticipation, or crummy torts reading, will keep me up enough at least long enough to make that soon-to-be-obvious assertion.