Bananas go to law school, too!


Five Things

1. Good news, to all who previously have read my blog with confusion due to its lack of direction -- I have finally figured out how to turn "titles" on - so it's not just a string of the first few words of my posts. Really, it only took me four months to figure out the on/off switch. High five.

2. Twinnie gave me Maureed Dowd's new book Are Men Necessary? for Christmas. I've been reading up a storm recently and am closing in on finishing it. It pains my liberal feminist bones to say this, but - I don't think it was the most well-thought out book ever published. Understatement. I'll agree with her that Bush is crazybones and Rove is evil. But, somehow, these two goons being "male" mean, somehow, that all men are evil & crazy. Which isn't entirely true. But, I still recommend reading it - if not only to raise your first with an angry shake or, alternatively, to "cheers" Ms. Dowd & her well-thought out thesis. Becuase isn't that what half the fun of reading books is all about?

3. I have a maddening crush on John Krasinski. Who is this Krasinski fellow, you might ask? A fellow Polish Power member I met in a seedy Edison Park bar last weekend? OH YOU WISH. No, John is one of the most lovely stars of "The Office," one of the funniest shows I've seen in a LONG time. Here are the reasons why John & I have SO much in common and, therefore, should get married. And then I can change my name to Anna Krasinski, which is blessed with three times as many vowels as my current last name enjoys.
1. We are both Polish. Ten points for us!
2. He grew up in Newton, Mass. One of my best friend's boyfriend's grew up in Newton, Mass. Therefore, if God was JUST and enjoyed balance in the world, John should also be my boyfriend. It would ONLY BE FAIR.
3. His love interest on the show went to the same undergrad as one of my closest friends in law school. Again, FAIRNESS AND BALANCE WOULD ONLY ALLOW John & I to get married promptly.
Please, do you NEED more reasons?

4. I am cooooooking up a storm for Jill's New Year's Eve party tomorrow night. I am making bunches of delectible appetizers for the party. I will hopefully make them pretty-looking and post pictures of them later. And, who knows, maybe even recipes, if I'm feeling adventurous.

5. I'm busy making lists for the new year. Reading lists, goal lists, you know the deal. But THIS year, this fabulous bloggie will make sure that I actually finish some lists. They will be unveiled shortly. BE EXCITED!