Bananas go to law school, too!


psst! I'm done with my first semester of law school!

I know! I'm suprised I made it too! Finals went, and with a minimum of causualities (final grade submissions notwithstanding). Remember how I was like ANGRY BANANA, ME NO LIKEY TALK ABOUT EXAMS! I still feel that way. But, just one little question.
Who writes the LAST section of the LAST question of a crim exam, where everyone literally MAYBE has like 10 minutes left, and changes the fact pattern to, you know, "throw in" two more murders. And "analyze both for common law & model penal code homicide charges." [edit]

Post crim-exam there was Much Merriment at the little law school bar "night" held at 2pm. Bar afternoon, then. My section is so much fun! Really really, best section ever. And now that that sentiment is published, it MUST BE TRUE. And hanging out in a dingy bar is SO MUCH BETTER at 3 in the afternoon. Even if the bartender smelled and looked like a very angry mop.

Later that night, I had to call the airline to, you know, get the actual "time" of my departure. Of course, still being drunk, I proceeded to get into an argument with the automated voice.
"Are you traveling to...Chicago Illinios on...December...23. Say yes, if this is correct."
"I'm sorry, I wasn't able to understand you. Say yes, if this is correct."
"I'm sorry, I wasn't able to understand you. Say yes, if this is correct."
"But I already said YES. How many times do I need to say YES. YES YES YES YES YES"
"I'm sorry, I wasn't able to understand you. Say yes, if this is correct."
I had to hang up. Because you can NOT win an argument with an automated voice when you are wastyface.

On my way to the airport this morning, I realized that holiday travel doesn't bring out the best in people, nor the worst in people. It brings out the crazy in people. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and all the while, thinking to yourself "This person could seriously murder someone." Like sociopathic. She was sitting next to me on the bus to Laguardia. And, PER USUAL, my face says "come, talk to me, crazy people of the world" even though my brain says "no no GO AWAY." In any event, you might be like "Come on, Banana, don't use the work 'sociopath' so flippantly." NO REALLY. SocioPATH. Evidence:
This woman told me stories of her ex-husband who was a lawyer, their divorce, her new fabulous down pillow, her kids getting into a can of paint, medical malpractice law [she was a legal secretary]. So, generally, the conversation ran the gammut of "happy," "sad," "funny," "serious," etc. And, normal people with normal emotions have FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. But no, this woman talked for 45 minutes without ONCE changing from a monotone voice and without ONCE so much as moving to imply that she was feeling anything. Or even breaking eye contact. It was surreal. Okay, before you start judging me - I am 99.9% sure that it wasn't like she had Parkinson's or another horrible disease where me equating her "lack of emotion and facial movements" with "psychopathy" with make me a bad person. She was relatively young and spoke clearly and quickly. So, in my expert opinion, you know, no horrible disease. Just creepy.

Once finally at the airport, far away from the death stare of crazybones, I was literally "so close!" from being bumped from my flight connecting to Pittsburgh. They overbooked the flight (surprise!). But thank goodness that someone actually took the fabulous package of Two Free Airline Tickets to Anywhere in the Continental US. Which, really, I would have loved if it were not for the promise of family, friends & love in Chicago.

Now in Chicago, I tried going to bed early because I was mucho tired. Of course, my body isn't used to sleeping for large chunks of time at once. So, instead, I'm posting in my BLOG and watching Conan (swoon) who I haven't watched since August. Because even though 20B has, every weekend, had a "we should TOTALLY get a TV" conversation, said TV-purchasing has yet to occur. So, even though I can get my America's Next Top Model, Amazing Race, Survivor, Project Runway and Grey's Anatomy fixes at the gym - Conan gets no such respect. AND Matthew Broderick is on tonight. Which is double-swoon!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I got fabulous gifts for the entire fam, and they WILL enjoy them. I will wrap them poorly with my classic "toy trucks" wrapping paper and it will be Most Good. BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!