Bananas go to law school, too!


School Things

First days of all my classes are over & done with. Mondays/Wednesdays are what I like to call "A little trip down memory lane" - Torts & Contracts with the same profs from last semester. Tuesday/Thursday/Fridays mix it up a little with Civ Pro & Constitutional Law. We only have Constitutional Law this week because our Civ Pro professor has a personal issue. I can't wait for Con Law to get started in all it's Socratic glory (word on the street is our prof is a little crazy about calling on one person for half the class). Between Tyll van Geel (swoon) and CONSTImaTUTION TEAM, I'm psyched for studying something I'm mega-interested.

Good news on the job front: I COULD be spending three months this summer interning at a hospital where my chief responsibility would be spending WAY too much time writing a new consent form for the hospital. Like, seriously, it's a 40 hour-a-week job for three months to re-write one form. So, as much as that is exactly what I was wishing to do, the job search goes on, chug chug.

My new gimmick this semester is to sit near the front of the room. I don't quite know what to make of it, yet - I get self-conscious that all my IMing and emailing will be visible to everyone else, who will promptly judge me for not paying attention. AND I cannot, in turn, see what everyone else is doing on the computer, thereby being reminded that I need to check out the new sale at JCrew.

I've been listening to AirAmerica recently because my laptop no longer has "speakers" to speak of (haha, funny pun) and LET ME JUST SAY ONE THING: please, for the love of God, call him Alito, pronounced correctly. The ridiculous people on this radio station with whom, by all other measure, I should agree on every topic - INSIST on referring to Alito as A-lie-to. Maybe clever the first 10 times you figure out that the phonetic "lee" is similar to "lie." BUT GIVE ME A BREAK. Call him by his real name and make some real arguments about his qualifications (note I did not say "political leanings") rather than simply make fun of his last name.

It's like calling Andrew Jackson, "Andrew Crackson" and patting yourself on the back for a clever pun. You know, if you were running a smear campaign against Andrew Jackson 150 years after the fact.