Bananas go to law school, too!


But I wanted apples and honey!

Our property professor came and talked to our section (we had our final in December) to apologize for the String of Problematic Problems that happened with our finals. In short, he took two months to grade our exams and then mis-keyed the grades so, a week after grades were FINALLY posted, he had to change (up AND down) about a tenth of the section's grades.

The sea was angry that day, my friends.

At least our section was. I've never seen such biting comments towards our professor --- and, with good reason, I suppose. But, seriously, people were angry. It all came down to the fact that law school professors, bless their hearts, can really pull whatever kind of crap they want to pull and nothing will happen to them. Law students, not so much given the same amount of latitude.

But, I guess, in the end, that's life. The big wigs are always able to get away with a lot more than the peons would ever dream of doing. Por ejemplo, my boss last summer would start drinking around 2pm and not stop until after closing. And he'd smoke his icky filterless cigarettes at the bar. ALL THE WHILE, the rest of the "team members" had to stay sober and smoke outside near the Dumpsters. One time, though, Mr. Boss left (in a semi-drunk stupor) only for the rest of us to get all giddy on sips of whiskey and puffs of cigarettes at the bar. Shocking, I know. We were SO badass.