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Spam 'n' Eggs, Eggs 'n' Spam

Thanks to a fabulous birthday present from Mr. Jim, I was able to go see Spamalot last night with Mr. Pete. It was AWESOME. There was a part where they did one of my favorite scenes (three shall be the number thou shall count to; the number of thou's counting shall be three. Five is RIGHT OUT) but they did not do my most most favorite scene (what else floats? Rocks! Little tiny rocks?) but that was okay because it was nonetheless very funny and [jazz hands!] daaaazzling!

Also, Hank Azaria is in it and HAD I KNOWN while I was watching it, methinks I would have enjoyed it a touch more. Regardless, it comes highly recommended.

On that note, as Niki mentioned last week, our recommendations, really, mean crap. We have no discernable taste when it comes to musicals or other such "arty" things. Mainly because our main mode of comparison is what the high school drama deparment would put on every year so, really, everything is top notch in comparison. Of course, Spamalot's Tony Award might give a little creednance to my recommendation -- so there ya go.

Of course, NOTHING screams "Movie One Should Watch After Seeing Spamalot" like Boys Don't Cry. I had started the movie the other night but then about three quartes of the way through the music turned sinister and, well, I was skerrrrreddd. So, I decided, three courage drinks later, to pop it back in the laptop and finish it off.

Oh boy.

That move done MOVED me. I know, I know, this would go in the catergory of "Newsflash, Seven Years Removed" but it was a totally depressing film. But, I loves me some depressing movies, so it was welcomed. Still, no joke, it was SO amazing. Again, the mildly discerning tastes of Banana recommends it.