Bananas go to law school, too!


Pancakes and Sham-Shakes

Just a PSA. 'Cause that's what I'm good for. Today is NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY (jazz hands). For those of you who don't live in Manhattan, wherein there is nary an IHOP --- IHOP will give you free pancakes today in celebration. Woo. Woo. Woo.

In other "I can't believe I'm excited" news, SHAMROCK SHAKES are back at McDonalds. The sweet, delicious, "I think it's mint-flavored but that's really more because it's green than because it actually has any mint flavor to it but, besides, it's sweet and delicious, like your mom" treat is here for a "limited time only." Which is also to say "St. Patrick's Day."

Also, "overuse of quotations" is the new pink.