Bananas go to law school, too!


March Mayhem!

The title refers to the non-copywritten way every other basketball tournament (high school, non-D1 college, etc) refers to the playoffs right about now. Fascinating fact: the IHSA (Illinois High School Athletics) originally used the term March Madness and then the NCAA bought the rights for that phrase because it's just SO CATCHY!

I'm currently in the middle pack of both the pools I'm participating in --- one is with fellow law students, the other with a pack of sorority girls. Obviously, I'm doing better in the sorority pool, but only time will tell if my UNC over Duke matchup will pan out and give me the recognition and accolades that I deserve. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

This week has been a BLAST so far --- spring break in New York has been a bit chilly,but the nights have been fun with an emphasis on drinking away the cold - the only solution. I'm heading over to Boston tomorrow morning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day weekend in style -- it should be a good time. Maybe I'll even get to drink with Niki becuase, even though she's come to NYC like a hundred times IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET. Outrageous!

In terms of ALL the outlining and studying I was supposed to do this week, not so much. I work about 4 hours a day of solid workiness and then spend the rest of my day catching up on all the Very Important Television on MTV, sleeping and drinking (hopefully not alone). But, really, let's be serious - I wasn't really expecting this to be the most productive week ever, no?

This weekend might be a little sparse (kinda like this past week) in terms of the ol' blog --- but that will change once I start REALLY needing to procrastinate (cough cough, finals quickly approaching).

Oh man, GW is making a HUGE comeback in the final ten minutes -- GO GO GO!