Bananas go to law school, too!


Weekend, redux

Sooo, it's Sunday. This weekend was just lovely. The weather was AMAAAAZING, especially Friday. Meghan had a wine tasting, which turned into a wine drinking which turned into a "let's go play beer pong at the bar which scored the lowest in the latest city health inspection." Classy broads, we were. The afternoon hovered around 75 degrees (crazy!) and I spent a good chunk of it making appetizers for Meghan's fete. Two kinds of bruschetta and quesadillas with butternut squash and red peppers. Yum. Yum. Yum. Like I almost let slip to my Civ Pro professor at lunch Friday -- I wish I could drop out of law school and just cook sometimes.

BUT NO. There is work to be done. Work of the finals-are-coming-up variety. Not so much stressed yet, but in a month, I will be. Right now focusing on outlining for contracts, the class with the highest number of credits. The goal is to be finished outlining by the end of the week for that class. If that doesn't happen, I can GUARANTEE the stress level will increase ten-fold.

Oral arguments were earlier this week. Went up against fellow-partier Miss Grace. Everyone did well and it reminded me about how much I really like speaking on my feet and arguments and debate and things like that. It almost made me want to try out for moot court, but one step at a time. First must pass all classes, then can dilly dally worry about extra-curriculars.

So that's the start to my lame-o spring break, sorry I can't regale you with stories a la Girls Gone Wild - or at least like the
showtime cruise last year. The week is young, my pretties, and there are plenty of night during which craziness will most likely ensue, no woories.