Bananas go to law school, too!


Why I am a Quitter

People, they have fake clickers.


The reason I did not go to Jeopardy this morning was because there is a large contingent of the trying-out community that bought fake clickers "to practice." So they could get their timing down. This, and the fact that "U.S. Presidents, Shakespeare, State Birds, Prime Ministers, Rivers of the World and Brands of Pocket Protectors" have been FLASHCARDED and studied for months now. And I would be totally fine just taking the fake exam and a FABULOUS personality interview because at 9 this morning I probably would still have been drunk which makes my already-fabulous personality FABULOUS.

But it was the mock-jeopardy game that freaked me out. Would I write my name in
script? ALL CAPS! Put a little jaunty Uncle Moneybags Hat on top of the "A" of "Anna'?

I would have NO CHANCE against the contingent of super-nerds that have been practicing with their fake-but-OFFICIAL!-JEOPARDY!-CLICKERS! I would just stand there and say "I like hot dogs!" AND THAT WOULD GET ME NO POINTS!

So, instead, maybe this summer I will make a list of Currencies of the World and buy a 20 dollar clicker online and practice. But I have resigned myself that three days after 1L of law school is not "the time" to try out for Jeopardy. I've already milked my Consitution Team champion-ness for all it's worth this year. Next year will be the year of my drunken ramblings about SCHOLASTIC BOWL!! And you WILL see me! With BELLS ON!