Bananas go to law school, too!


'twas the night before con law

In twelve hours, I will be knee-deep in my last exam of my [illustrious, obvi] 1L career. In fourteen hours, I will hopefully be knee-deep in booze and good times. And continue that way until I pick up my writing competition packet on Sunday. If I show up sober, it will count as an Amazing Feat of Self-Control and Greatness, because, come on, everyone I know who got on le Law Review did the packet starting two nights before anyways. And if there's one thing I can do well, it's write 80 pages of text in 67 sleepless hours (read: last six semester of college). And, hey, the writing competition is only 10 pages long SO REALLY THEY SHOULD JUST PUT ME ON LAW REVIEW NOW.

But I going to pull a Gross Thing and wear the same shirt I wore today, tomorrow. It's good luck! It has a hawk (bacaw!) gripping a copy of the Consitution in his talons. IN HIS TALONS PEOPLE. TALONS!

That being said, I Hope to God (really) that I don't show up tomorrow and forget the little bit of knowledge that is being precariously balanced in between "where I can find the nearest BurritoBox, Burritoville and that sack of burittos I bought for a stamp last semester" and "colors that end in 'urple."

SPEAKING OF COLORS THAT END IN URPLE. Friday morning is Make-Out-With-Alex-Trebeck-Day! Excitement! Tomorrow night I am going to some trivia night in the west village with law school friends because the only way to get myself on the Jeopardy is by trying to force myself to remember things when I'm drunk - that way it will be THAT MUCH EASIER when I get to do it "sober" on national television. See, it's just like tapering for swim team. Now With Extra Booze!