Bananas go to law school, too!


I work for the Department of the Redundancy Department

So, here I am, slaving away, trying to learn six credits worth of contracts in the next, um, 36 hours. And I plan on using those 36 hours efficiently and relying on a minimum number of naps and not watching "What Not to Wear." And, I would like to thank the writers of "Understanding Contracts," publisher LexisNexis for their succinct, clear and non-repetitive language. They go by the names of Jeffrey Ferriell and Michael Navin. THANKS JEFF AND MIKE. You KNOW my time is valuable and have helped make sure that I don't waste ANY time. No, really, this excerpt is DEFINITELY not repetitive. repetitive. repetitive.

Boys and girls, let's learn about material breach:
A total material breach is a material breach which cannot be cured. If one party has committed a material breach and it cannot be cured, there is a total material breach.
A breach cannot be cured if it is the type of breach which cannot be cured.