Bananas go to law school, too!


You know you wanna...

The Summer of Self Improvement is chugging along. Or so I'm letting myself believe. I won't go into too many details, but I'm learning languages, starting businesses, reading lots. It's great. Even if my jobs aren't the more fantabulous things out there, there is GOOD in the world. Oh yea, and I'm getting really good at drinking a lot. Another important skill as a soon-to-be lawyer, no?

IN OTHER of my other goals has been to be more creative. Unlike my painting that 10 Gold PROUDLY hung in the kitchen (LOST AT SEA: acrylic on canvas), I am trying to follow through and do more than "one" of something. TO THAT END, I am participating in an artsy craftsy thing Roommate Marie (who, really, can no longer be dubbed as such, but whatever) is organizing. It's called a "Fat Book." Mhmmm....yummy. Not really edible, BUT you can both read more AND sign up here. I know there are some Kreative Kats out there in bloggie land, you should sign up. Yes you should!!!

I have SO MANY restaurant stories but I get nervous posting them the week they happen. So, soon, young grasshopper, you will be getting MANY MANY MANY stories of food service craziness. Promise.