Bananas go to law school, too!


Quick Note

Um, I have a pet peeve. People who cannot spell "tie dye." Tie Die/tye dye/die tye or WHATEVER is wrong. As in "incorrect." I don't why it bothers me this much, enough to emerge from blogger one-week obscurity and rant a little. Maybe, oh, I don't know:

a) you're using the phrase tie dye in a sentence. You're probably this guy, braggin about his jaunty new shirt:

What's next, a sentence about MACRAME?? Outrageous!

b) I don't understand the confusion. Granted, I always have trouble with the past tense of "to blow dry." Is it "blew drew"? "blow dried"? "
blew dry"? I DO NOT KNOW. But no, tie dye is easy. How do you make a fashionable t-shirt with all the colors of the rainbow?? You tie the shirt and then you dye the shirt. Easy! Fun! Quick!

And now you know!