Bananas go to law school, too!



2L starts tomorrow! Terror! Excitement! This weekend went out with a bang - hitting up The District with a whole crew of college buddies. More details will follow. But right now I'm way tired from traveling for 10 hours this evening because apparently the Chinatown bus driver doesn't actually know the way from DC to NYC. He needs to Mapquest that shit.

But, very little time to sit and relex -- tomorrow I have my first class AND callback. Which is horrible scheduling on my part, but I want to kinda get them over with and be able to relax (hopefully) about next summer & hopefully-terrific employment. A part of me makes me really, really, really want to skip class and just get notes later but that would be IRRESPONSIBLE. And that is clearly the farthest thing from myself.

I have a very bad feeling that 2L will be busier than 1L.

I need to take like 15 showers to wipe the bus-grime off of me. Ew.