Bananas go to law school, too!


Oh balls.

In fine NYC form, my room is entirely bare, save for a single sheet on my bed and an unpacked suitcase. But instead of spending my money on things for my "place," I spend my money on BOOZE BOOZE. BOOZE BOOZE from TACO TACO.

Taco Taco is a lovely joint on the ole' Upper East Side, where my good buddies (AND AVID BLOG READERS) reside. It all started to turn a little sour when we all got a round of tequila on the house. Uh, oh!

But have no fear! We took photos pre-booze-a-thon

Well, maybe not "pre" but "some time before crazzzzzy"

Now, me and the Upper East Side had something of a "falling out" ever since an ever-so-fateful cab ride some 10 months ago....BUT NO MORE. We are now besties. Best friends FO'Eva'

And this blog post is CLEARLY keeping in code with my "fewer drunk blog posts" mantra of "who knows, maybe future employers will read this and WEEP [or not hire me]."