Bananas go to law school, too!


Happy Birthday to....THIS RIDICULOUS BLOG

A year?!? It's been a year?!?! Yes, it has. As I have been in law school or preparations thereof for a year, this law school-themed blog, too, has been around for as long. So, instead of me telling you about OCI stuff (which I am pleased with its progress, thank you for asking and, no, I probably won't tell you any more details), it's gonna be a little blast-to-the-past post for your nostalgic pleasure.

Law School Year One, Redux

I hated it in the beginning.
But then I kinda got into it, like the proper nerd I am. And then realized that finals were coming.
I met "study group", awesome awesome study group.
But I kept in touch with old friends too.
I got angry at condiments and dairy products
I drank. I drank quite a bit. I was a bit of a lush, huh?
I didn't just drink booze.
No, yes I did.
The library was a place of much amusement. And drama in the classroom.
I waitressed, too.
I got sick a few times. But I am alive!
I turned 22. But didn't learn how to drive.
I wrote a number of angry open letters. Seriously.
And other Bad Things happened to my computer.
I found lots and lots of great new music to love.
Second semester meant more of the same.
I lived up New York City as much as I could as a 1L.
I had fun with paintshop.
Law firms wooed me with free booze and cheese plates.
I made some silent protests against consumer culture.
I almost made it on Jeopardy!
Second semester finals will always be remembered as David Blaine Week.
I turned into a 2L.
Did a little writing competiton. Didn't make LR, but another journal I'm excited for.
Started two summer jobs, didn't really like either of them.
Still, I tried to make myself more employable.
Home life was interesting.
I missed NYC, and then came back.

That's it!! My life, in hyperlink form. Back to more regular postings soon, promise promise!