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No good rotten horrible day that just keeps going and going.

Both places of employment are grating on my last nerve, The Internship ends on Monday and I have 1/2 of my big fabulous project for the summer tomorrow in -- oh six hours. And it WAS done, oh yes, for weeks. However, within the last two days I have about 17 thousand additional "oh, do you think you can add this?" little things to do and I just want to go to sleep! But no! The doctors will be restless and angry if everything isn't perfectly collatted to an inch of their lives 5 days ahead of time. These same doctors who don't realize that not EVERY case ever is in Lexis and it's pretty much just appeals and these appeals are more about whether summary judgment was appropriate and jury selection than the answer to their really ridiculously specific question, about which only four Cook County cases are applicable. To give them some more bite, I'm going through the rest of the country because four looks sad and ten would seem more substantial because they are Grumpy! Doctors! and They! Want! Data! but I'm only on Arkansaw and WHY ARE THERE SO MANY STATES IN THE UNION?

Edit: Arkansas is not phonetically spelled. Who knew?

Edit: This will probably be deleted in about a day.