Bananas go to law school, too!


Now, with more words.

So, today I met with my "advisees" - a small group of 1Ls with whom I can share all my wisdom. Essentially, it boiled down to: don't let Professor Flip Flops frighten you, don't do anything for Legal Process and Examples & Explanations are the best study guides out there. I also gave them a ridiculous tour of the law school where I vaguely pointed in the direction of the registrar and showed them how to print from the public computers. Who's the BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER?

In other news, Early Interview Week will be over in approx 18 hours for me (no Wednesday interviews, sweet!) I've had interviews that have run the gamut from people who CLEARLY hadn't read my resume and didn't care to learn about the awesome-ness that is The Banana and others were we just talked about Grey's Anatomy the entire time and had a great time. So, really, lesson learned: My entire professional career will be dictated by the ever-so-random pairing of me & my interviewer and whether or not he enjoys Katherine Heigl as much as I do. Killer.