Bananas go to law school, too!


Gatsby wouldn't have stood for this!!

So, yesterday, I'm minding my own business. Brr-iiiing! Brr-iiiiing! The phone rings, I answer it:

"Um, who is this?"
"I think you have the wrong number." Click!

The person on the other end sounded like a drunk 80-year-old and the caller ID said it was a cell phone number with an area code I didn't recognize. And no one in our family knows a Daisy. WHO is named Daisy anymore?

So, just now, phone rings again, with a familiar number.
"Sigh. Hello?"
"Who is this?
"You have the wrong number." Click!

Two seconds later
I just answer the phone. But don't say anything. Maybe if it's a prank I can hear giggling in the background or something. Or the clink of a bottle of Jack Daniels against an old lady's dentures.
"Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello."
Daisy hangs up.

Two seconds later.
"Hi, Daisy. I already told you, you must have the wrong number. Who are you trying to call?"
Response: My twelve-year old brother's name.
Crap. I am currently frightening the dickens out of a small child. Named Daisy.
"Well, you know, he's not home right now. I'll let him know you called, but next time you call someone you have to make it clear who you're trying to talk to. Becuase I had no idea who you were and I just thought you were someone who was confused."
"Where's Justin."
"Um, not here. I have your number. He'll call you back, okay"

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. Girl needs to be taught how to use a phone.

Edit: Good God. The child's name isn't Daisy. It's some high-pitched boy-child who introduces himself as "Davie."