Bananas go to law school, too!


back in high school, when my bestie LF was queen of the world (senior class president), she had the ability to CHOOSE the senior prom song. incessently, i asked her to choose "Don't Stand So Close to Me" (no offense to my prom date, the very fabulous "Big Jim," as the kids liked to call him). of course, she didn't choose my suggestion (it ended up being the acoustic version of some popular-at-the-time-but-otherwise-forgetable Lifehouse song).

however, my wedding will feature said song (perhaps for the first dance, dare i be so bold!) and everyone will love it. and they will all say "my, what an ironic song choice. this couple sure is clever and witty." of course, the song choice would be much more lyrically-applicable if i had ended up marrying "soul mate #7.5," but, then again, so would another police favorite. the irony exists on just about 14 levels :)