Bananas go to law school, too!


not to turn this into a psuedo-seinfeld blog, but

So, in an effort to make my sack of cheapo burritos more palatable (I do, however, always find it a good sign that my dinner costs less than a stamp) I decided to get some delicious tabsasco sauce. Of course, since everything in Manhattan is ridiculously expensive, I decided I was not going to spend 5 dollars on a tiny bottle of tabasco. However, nestled in the corner of the tabsasco display was a small bottle of "hey, at least it's red!" -type hot sauce. Also, it claimed New Orleans heritage, so deciding that this would be my GOOD DEED of the day, I bought it, saving myself 3 dollars and 51 cents in the process.
So I got home and microwaved 26 cents-worth of buritto and was MOST EXCITED to douse it with my delicious new elixer.
When I try however, to make my little pool of hot sauce for my buritto to bathe in, I was RUDELY awakened that the three and a half bucks that goes to Tabasco is NOT for a superior hot sauce but for a BOTTLE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. Normally, hot sauce, when shaken up and down vigorously will, to some extent "pour" itself. OH NO. Cheap hot sauce, no matter how hard you shake it will only dispense ONE PALTRY DROP at a time. seriously, folks.
Unfortunatly, I am left with only a moderately hot burrito and tennis elbow.