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list-making is more fun than property, shocking....

I was going to make a list of the ten songs I've been listening to recently. But then I realized that about 90% of the music I listen to no one else really likes, except KT, because it's sappy, dippy, romantic and all-together not "cool." BUT THE OTHER 10% ROCKS. So, here are the two lists, one for KT :) and the other for everyone else.

KT's List
1. Semisonic: Secret Smile (EVERYONE should listen to this song and fall in love with it. It's sappy, and has a bit [lot] of saccharine to it, but it's just too sweet not to lovelovelove).
2. Carla Bruni: Raphael (lovelovelove her)
3. David Gray: Nos Da Cariad (lovelovelove his new album)
4. Elliott Smith: Waltz #2 (this song hooked me on ES years ago, and I just re-discovered it)
5. Matt Nathanson: Weight of the Earth
6. The Fray: Dead Wrong (just discovered this band a couple days ago. they're currently singing me to sleep at night)
7. Ben Lee: Apple Candy (lovelovelove him)
8. Tom McCrae: Streetlight (I listened to this song on repeat my first 8 days here. And I still don't hate it, so it clearly means it's something special)
9. Joseph Arthur: Honey and the Moon
10. Ray Lamontagne: Jolene (JS got me hooked on this character, thumbs up)
11. David Mead: Nashville

And now, for something completely different:
1. Bloc Party: The Present (when TG & LW went to see these guys, and I was sad because I wasn't invited to the "Block Party" in Boston, I realized that I was horribly out of the loop)
2. Eisley: One Day I Slowly Floated Away (she kinda sounds like a nymph. and I kinda like that).
3. The Duece Project: Stone Cold
4. Modest Mouse: Bukowski
5. The Killers: Under the Gun (sometimes I think to myself "is it possible to like The Killers more than I already do?" and then I listen to another song randomly by them and realize the answer is a resounding "oh my word, yes yes yes!")
6. The Good Life: A Dim Entrance (EF gets my undying adoration for introducing me to these guys)
7. Neutral Milk Hotel: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (this song makes me think of jamming out with MD & JS in the car some cold, snowy day in January. lovelovelove)
8. DCFC: We Laugh Indoors
9. Simon & Garfunkle: The Only Living Boy in New York
10. Tegan & Sara: You Wouldn't Like Me (yes, a little emo-high-school-ish, but I brush my hair to this song in the morning, so it's clearly special)
11. Belle & Sebastian: I'm a Cuckoo (ten points to MT for telling me about these lovely sounds)