Bananas go to law school, too!


Three reasons why you should be jealous of me, weekend edition:

1. My body hair grows more slowly than yours, ladies (and I'll assume boys, too). It takes me two weeks to get stubble. Haha, "daily shavers."

2. I'm (a) quick to get drunk, (b) slow to get sick. Only once, all my life, did I get sick and I'm still contesting it because it was my 21st birthday and if i don't remember it, it didn't happen. AND I took shots of whiskey instead of girly shots because apparently, when I'm drunk, I fancy myself a sailor. Now, refer again to 2(a).

3. I have the best idea for a tatoo (Marie and Jill agree) and people's reaction to the idea (cough cough Marie and Jill are awesome) I think indicates SO MUCH about their thoughts about love, fate and other important things. But I won't put it here because, in the same way, people judge ME on those same qualities when I say it, so I'm careful with whom I share.