Bananas go to law school, too!


Seriously folks...
So I live on the 20th floor of my building. And usually, it's pretty packed getting on the elevator in the lobby and then by the time I get to my floor it's usually just me. HOWEVER, around the 16th floor, or so, it empties out so it's usually just me and one other person. And, this last week, whoever that person may be has refused to move to the side. Maybe it's just me, and this isn't a social convention most people should possess, but if I didn't have some fear-of-elevators-induced penchant for standing in the corners of elevators and COULD move to the side, God knows I would. but seriously.....spread out so that you and your canned-corn-scented breath can get out of my zone of personal space.

-angry in elevatorsville.