Bananas go to law school, too!


Today, arguably, was a day Most Ungood. For various reasons. I fainted in my room (not in public! 10 points for me) and thereby missed crim. Upon regaining consciousness, I wallowed in my own low-blood-pressure-crapulance and then went to a lecture on exam-taking strategies that was mildly helpful. But not really, because what can they ever say other than Outline! Read! Study! Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

Then something else happened that I cannot discuss herein this blog of yee olde publik domain. But, if you're even somewhat in my inner circle, I'll tell you and then you'll be like "yeah, that does suck."

However, silver lining (there always is one!) is that I feel less guilty about saying something bitchy two weeks ago (and again last night) because, even if they weren't true (but they were), such bitchy things should be said regardless.

Alright, vague parade is over. Back to the long memo parade :)