Bananas go to law school, too!


Oh Law School. Once November reared its ugly head, you could feel a change in the air. Between the long memo, finals & job search stuff, most people have suddenly realized they need to Focus. So, unfortunately, my Bloggo has been put on the back burner. That, and the fact that Nothing Happens in my life has really made my updating has become something of a futile task.

I can tell you how I really like turkey sandwhiches and have eaten one for every single meal the last three days. With lots of mustard.

Or I could tell you how I am almost done with my Bonus 15 Cups tub o' coffee grounds because I've been drinking three pots a day. Which means I have to dish out another 10 bucks for a 10 pounds of coffee because it's of such [high?] quality.

But all those things would be boring. Then I was going to tell a story from my Past. But I don't want to. Because, like most things I do, my stories are usually long-winded and have no point. And, although I'm sure you'd love to listen to me tell such a story, they inevitably get long-winded, pointless and, as an added bonus, have no entertaing value when I try to write them down.

So then I was all set to mimick a friend's "Xanga Hate Blog" and just bitch about things/people. But, unfortunately, everyone worth complaining about might end up reading the post and then my passive-agressive thoughts/feelings would be overtly-agressive, and that's no fun.

So The Unfortunate thing is, I have nothing to write about. So this is an entirely pointless post. Stanky Face isn't at the library to bother, I haven't gotten drunk enough to eat mustard sandwiches off the floor and somesault on top of pledges [not that that ever happened] and the most exciting thing that has happened in the last few days is my purchasing new highlighters.

Apologies, dear readers. Maybe if you would be more interesting and do silly things that I could then write about, then I would have something to say. But, alas, everyone else is as Oh My Word Finals Are Coming Up - boring as I am.