Bananas go to law school, too!


Woohoo! New hard drive has been installed in my computer. No, I wasn't able to retrieve any of my old stuff, but I'm moving on with my life and, hopefully, come February and the release of first semester grades I won't be regretting this whole "continuing on with law school" concept. Though let it be noted that I will blame any poor grades on this incident, regardless of the fact(?) that it probably won't have that big of an effect. Knock on wood, crossing my fingers.

I installed my new hard drive ALL BY MYSELF, complete with screw driver usage. This can only mean one thing: I am a closet computer nerd. And you are reading my blog! Sucker!

You know what "degree" looks like? DeeGee. The girls are initiating tonight (oh! secret's out. Oh well, pledgies are quarantined tonight, so it's Highly Unlikely they will have internet access, much less read this. But if they do, ten points for utilizing your pledgie wiles. Well done.) Not gonna lie, initiation is one of the many things I don't miss from the DeltaGee. :) Even though I cry during A Certain Part every year. BEST FRIENDS 4EVER (joke. ha.)

I was in line as CVS this evening wearing my Maine South Football State Champs t-shirt (because, let's be serious, what's cooler than a law student wearing a high school football shirt? I can't think of anything). There was a middle-aged couple behind me - and the husband read out loud "Maine South High School." I turned around and gave him a wierd look, because that's a wierd thing to do, not gonna lie. Then I heard him say "That's wear [unitelligable] went to high school." Upon realizing that they were, in fact, not entirely insane, I asked if they had heard about Maine South (I do realize that the man's previous statement clearly meant that they had, but give me a break). To which he responds "Yeah, we're from Naperville." I start blabbering about Maine South, football, high school, college and they look at me like I AM THE CRAZY ONE. Apparently, Illinois couple is good enough to read my t-shirt out loud but too cool to actually make conversation. I have officially met my first unfriendly Midwesterner. Wierd.

Will be spending the rest of this Friday night in the library. Who brought the cool kid?