Bananas go to law school, too!


last night, randomly, my computer froze up. I rebooted and then my computer PRETENDED THERE WAS NO HARD DRIVE WHATSOEVER. Called Dell. Was on phone with them for three hours when they said, all proud of themselves, that they would send me a new hard drive for FREE. Thank you. I really appreciate that. But what I would appreciate more is a computer WITH my notes/outlines/research ON IT rather than NOT ON IT.

Can I run a re-boot CD? No, because re-booting, apparently necessitates a "hard" "drive."

Did you back up your files? Please, that would take "planning" and "forethought," two things I do not pretend to concern myself with. Until today, where my PSA of the day is: BACK UP YOUR FILES.

Funniest thing of the experience: I call my brother around 3am because, as per our twin "roles" he was always good at fixing computer things and I was always good at fixing dinner; even though neither of these particular generalizations were particularly apt. Regardless, I text message him "MY ENTIRE HARD DRIVE WAS LOST" to which he responds "Who is this?" Which I sat on the floor of our living room for 2 minutes and laughed like a crazy person (this, after I was pacing down the hall for 30 minutes -literally- half-hyperventilating, half-bawling). I just thought it was hilarious that my brother had so many Anna's in his cell phone that would text him in the middle of the night about computer problems. Still, we got my identity sorted out and he was calming and helpful.

More than one person has said that I was "taking it particularly well." Of course, no one saw my little "crazy show" last night. But then again, in the grand scheme of "If your computer is going to crash" moments, I'd rather it be now than the day before the long memo was due or closer to finals. And, thanks to the goodwill of my classmates (no, really, they're good people), many have offered class notes and I know that I can re-do my outlining efforts. So, even though I did seriously consider it last night, I will NOT be dropping out of law school.

I just talked to Mike [not twinnie] and, apparently, my whole scam of "my laptop can double as an mp3 player" shamo may be partly to blame. I would leave my laptop on from class to library and listen to music while it was in my bag. Apparently, this is not a Good Thing. So that's another PSA - be careful with your precious laptop and at least put it in sleep mode when you are carting it around the NYC.