Bananas go to law school, too!


Best night ever at the library.

Okay, so it's Saturday night. Shit happens in the life of a law student, and Saturday night studying sometimes is it. Regardless, this may go down as one of the best Saturday nights ever.

Maybe not. But best Saturday night spent at the library? Oh, heck yes.

Emily & Cait are sitting at the table behind me and there's maybe 20 other people here. So Emily & I are IMing each other and being our hilarious selves. Now, through four years of having to say "Do you trust your sisters?" with a straight face, I'm pretty good at NOT laughing out loud when inside I'm cracking up (Emily got me only once today). Emily, however, not so lucky. And Cait, well that's a whole 'nother story. In any event, I get up at one point to show Emily the IRONY that a book in our law school library entitled "The 107 Best Law Schools" does NOT include our school. And there's this girl at the other table who turns around, slowly, and gives the two of us what I term as "ugly face" (dirty look). FINE. Stanky girl.

So I go back to my seat. Meanwhile, the unlucky two that are Emily & Cait continue to make each other laugh. At which Stanky Girl closes up her property book with more venom than I've seen, like, ever. She picks up her things and walks behind me (in front of Cait & Emily) and mouths "Bitch" to Cait. Which makes Cait laugh in her face. Which is, really, the only polite response. Then Stanky Girl straight does the "menyanyanya" face everyone learned in second grade. Clearly, this made Cait laugh harder.

So as Stanky Girl is sitting, alone, at her table of rage, she PUTS HER FINGERS IN HER EARS. Like she's four. Of course, in order to flip the page of her book, she has to take her fingers out of her ears. Of course, she quickly replaces them for FEAR of the sounds of laughter and/or happiness to infiltrate her pale-faced, black-turtleneck-filled world.

What does this entire episode do? Yes, Cait & Emily laugh harder. So much so, that Cait, literally, (and not in the way Mark Twain used the word) falls out of her seat. Emilio claps for having witnessed the show that is a HUMAN BEING FALLING OUT OF THEIR SEAT IN THE LIBRARY. So Cait and Emily leave the library becuase, otherwise, they will be even more "disruptive" than we've all already been. As they walk out...

Stanky Girl lifts her entire arm. Middle finger exposed. And, in a sweep around her head like cowboy swinging his lasso of HATE AND BITTERNESS, flicks off Cait & Emily as they walk out. All of this, clearly, forces Cait to throw up (a tiny bit, in her mouth, you know) in the hallway.

Lessons learned:
*We have five weeks until finals. This can only mean that people will be more strung out and more irritable. Fun!
*Invest in a pair of headphones. Everyone here is loud. Get over it.
*If you're NOT going to spend money for headphones, why are you studying in the biggest and most popular room in the libary. There are soundproof rooms. There are cubicles in the stacks. Don't be a fool.
*It's midnight on Saturday night. Lighten up.

Now, to watch some Ali G and drink some beer with the aforementioned laughers/clappers.