Bananas go to law school, too!


I have a funny story re: law school unpreparedness, but I can’t tell it here because this is, apparently, a PUBLIC FORUM, and I try to keep this whole enterprise not one of public humiliation. But it’s a hilarious story, the likes of which the WORLD HAS NE’ER SEEN.

As for a slightly-less funny story, and more indicative of just how nerdy us law students has become,
Thursday night, watching the OC in the caf, after Torts studying all day. Commerical comes on about the baby which fell from a third story window in Boston and there’s video of a man catching the baby. There’s a cut to the mother, now holding the baby.
Friend: “I can’t believe they gave the baby back to the mom!”
Me: “Why? Do you think it’s her fault.”
TV cuts back to slow-mo replay of baby falling from window
People point at television and exclaim “RES IPSA!”