Bananas go to law school, too!


Sorry, bloggie. I didn't forget about you. Not like that time I thought turtles hibernate, so I left Turkey & Snapsy in the basement for five months. THAT was "forgetting." But two days without blogging? Neither forgetting nor animal cruelty. TWO POINTS FOR ME.

Torts midterm is OVER! Woohoo! No more memorization is needed for this Banana, at least until May. As we learned from my failed efforts to memorize enough of the menu for my Waitress Exam! at the restaurant this summer and got a "pity pass" from my boss, I do not memorize things well. Or, as the case may be, "at all." But no matter, because memorization-schmemorization is not a threat for a bunch of months.

So, there's an apartment across the street that I can plainly observe a Christmas Party happening. Bright tree, lots of people holding glass of wine, soft lighting. Very nice. But, of course, my room, the room completely devoid of ALL fesitvities, pales in comparison. So there is only one thing that I can do to make sure that all this wallowing in self-pity is COMPLETE -- turn on the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack, turn off the lights and watch the people celebrate Christmas as I type on my IMAGINARY BLOGGIE where IMAGINARY PEOPLE read it. And, really, I'm only doing this for complete ironic effect, because in five days, I'll be home, surrounded by family and friends - so it's not like I'm really upset. But, sometimes, my brain craves living irony. It's like me wearing a "kiss me, I'm Irish" t-shirt on Casimir Pulaski Day.