Bananas go to law school, too!


Property is, believe it or not, kicking my ass. But, according to "everyone" I just need to join the club. That's what happens when you cram 5 credits in one semester and future interests in two days. A swift kick to the ass.

But THAT'S OKAY. Because my birthday was lovely. Lovely phone calls/emails/texts/UBIQUITOUS FACEBOOK WALL POSTS made for a day peppered would good tidings. And, speaking of good tidings...
Marie and Maria and Greg gifted me the new Post Secret book. Which is would be 100% perfect awesomeness IF NOT FOR the fact that neither Marie nor my Postsecrets were published. This can only mean one thing: it's high time to do ridiculous shit and make postcards about it.
Good Tiding Number Two: Jimbo gave me two tickets to see Spamalot in February. Super excited about his super-generous/thoughtfulness and details about said "Spamalot" will follow in three months, assuming that I am still keeping up the charade known as "blogging" as "bananaesq."

In an effort NOT to do property, I signed up for NetFlicks. I am excited about this because, as I was doing recommendations, I have realized that I have seen no more than 20 movies in my life. So I better get cracking on it. And there's no better time to start watching movies like finals month. I am EVER the most timely of all procrastinators.

Speaking of which, it is HIGH TIME I get back to work. Tooodles!