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Smackdown at Pompeii

Instead of venturing out into the crowds of shoppers, the fam nerded it up and went to - the Museum! There was an exhibit about Pompeii - which was the first and last time the T-family actually stole some lava rocks from the streets BECAUSE THEY WERE THERE. And YES we know that it's in "poor taste" to see things from historical/natural preserves. But such is life when you have to act the part of the Ugly American. Which is our M.O. when we visit across the pond. Still, the museum was, I think, head and shoulders above elbowing old ladies for toasters and sheet sets. And I thought that I could escape from all violent escapades. But NO. Someone was cranky after trypto-coma.

We're in the first room of the exhibit and you hear this loud man's voice exclaim
Michael and I just thought that it was some exasperated father yelling at his snotty child. But, upon looking over, everyone in the room realized that this was a grown man yelling at another almost-grown man (an oafish, awkward lower-20s type of guy).
"Sir, I said excuse me, I couldn't see"
"NO! No one has ever taught you any manners!!! You must wait your turn. BUT GO AHEAD. You are so rude. YOU ARE SO RUDE."
Angry-pants walks over to his wife, and continues
"That man has NO MANNERS. He needs to WAIT HIS TURN"
[this, of course, is all done loud enough so that it was clear that he wasn't really talking to his wife as much as the entire room so as to publicly humiliate the other guy]
His wife responds:
"Well, YOU JUST LET HIM DO THAT. Because SOME PARENTS don't teach their children manners. THAT IS SO RUDE."

And all the while the other guys was just standing there, half in disbelief and the other half trying to remember if he knew how to duck a punch in case this came to blows. And, yes, I meant to say "duck a punch" instead of "throwing a punch." Because this guy was classic Yes-I-Know-I'm-Tall-But-I'm-Still-Bad-At-Basketball-And-MOST-THINGS.

So the wife and the husband leave the room and the rest of the room makes a mental note NOT to so much as breathe too close to any other person in prevention of Angry Outburst #2.

Once out of earshot, I whisper to Michael
And Happy Thanksgiving to you too.