Bananas go to law school, too!



Alright, I'm going to start posting more often, so STOP IMing ME! :)

To start out, a little football picking fun. . . .

Washington / Seattle : Seattle, but not the blowout everyone thinks it might be. But Seahawks are still going to win.

New England / Denver : New England. Really, just because about 85% of my closest friends will be in a horrible depressed funk for weeks and I, being selfish, don't want to deal with that. But they're good too. :)

Pittsburgh / Indianapolis : Indianapolis. They might have been losing a few games at the tail end, but you can't forget the first, say 10 weeks of the season.

Carolina / Chicago : Booo. Hisss. Booooo. HissHiss. Chicago Chicago Chicago. Knock on wood.