Bananas go to law school, too!


Thirsty Thursdays

MLK Jr. weekend started out with quite the *bang* on Thursday when a whole bunch of us from the fabulous super-section went to Rudy's (main attraction: free hot dogs). Our table went through 10 pitchers of beer, no small feat. We played Think While You Drink again - a drinking game which did not exist up in Rochester. It was most fun and there was much drinking and very little thinking, as most drinking games would have it. I tried to convince a friend that NO the Bears ALREADY played the Seahawks and KICKED their asses. Apparently, I don't know the difference between Panthers (GROWL) and Seahawks (SQUAWK) when drunk.

Went to Meghan's apartment and watched the OC and drank MORE beer (positive positive) and wathced the OC. Really, why do I start watching television shows like whose only purpose is to get ME, Anna, addicted to them? I never watched the OC until mid-December mid-study group meeting and now I've successfully downloaded a episodes and am re-arranging my schedule around them.

Then we went to another bar (always a good idea) and played another drinking game - What the F*CK. I am still finding little pieces of the game in my pockets and purse. Then went home and ACTUALLY USED THE SUBWAY after drinking for the second time in as many days. Usually, I get Will of Steel Syndrome and think that I can walk from Murray Hill to Columbus Circle without a probelm. Can I tell you how much easier life is when you use the subway? You don't get frostbite/mugged. Really, it's fascinating.

Will of Steel always gets me in trouble - just ask Chicago friends. The summer after my freshman year (as Christina said over break, THE BEST SUMMER EVER, which is so true), I was at a friends house and decided that HEY, IT'S FOUR IN THE MORNING, IT'S AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY TO GO HOME. I loaded up my huge swimming Speedo backpack with all my alcohol bottles (clang jangle clank) and hopped on the ole' Huffy and made my way across town. I was riding near my high school and decided, "you know, my eyes are tired. time for a nap" and thought it PERFECTLY RATIONAL to fall asleep while riding a bicycle. Because, of course, the road was going straight, my brain could sleep and my feet could peddle.

Clearly, this interpretation of How Your Body Works was a bit off. I AWOKE, some time later, with my head in the fence outside the football field and my bicycle on top of me, red Speedo backback STREWN to the side. Apparently, I "fell over." So, after realizing where I was, I get up, dust off my grass-stained jeans and asses the damage. My bike, still working, had grass in the spokes, the breaks, everywhere.

Of course, one cannot return to their parent's house in such a mess, so I did the only logical thing - went to Walgreens and bought a big bottle of Sunny D. I stumbled around Walgreens, with grass stained jeans, grass in my HAIR, and a big red backpack with jangling alcohol bottles, clutching my Sunny D, and "tried to play it cool." I may be able to do many things, but "playing it cool" is not one of them. Noreen, the cute little Irish checkout lady who Christina and I had befriended through many a drunken late-night Walgreens trips (this is what you do in suburbia), asked me "Are ya goin' to a little sleepover, are ya?"


Everyone tells me that I could have died if I would have fallen not towards the high school fence but to the other side, into the middle of the Busy Street. TRUE. But really, I'm a cowboy and cowboys live on the edge.

(go bears. go bears. go bears.)