Bananas go to law school, too!


(whisper whisper)

So, this week has been crummy, what with the "emergency room," "fainting at CVS," and warnings of "brain stem infection." I still can barely talk above a gargled whisper, but I'm a lot less lightheaded today, which is a good thing. And all this stemming from one annoying tonsil. Boo! I had to cancel some interviews for tomorrow, which makes me quite sad - and missed a lot of class this week. Hopefully I will get back on track soon because I have a crazy legal writing paper due in a week and a half and SARA AND NIKI AND CHRISTY will be here in a week (only Sassa is staying here, so roomies, don't be skerred). I cannot wait for that weekend, even if that means going crazy on this magical legal writing brief this weekend while semi-addicted to (perscribed!) vicodin.

In other news, I've succesfully watched Amelie, Hotel Rwanda & We Don't Live Here Anymore. Kinda depressing choices (save the first), but they've been on my to-watch list for quite some time & I suppose this will be last clear chance of movie-watching for a while. They all now come highly-recommended, with the Anna-Seal-Of-Approval.

I've been working on February song picks, but those will have to wait for a little while and I get caught up on school things.