Bananas go to law school, too!


Of YooHoo & PowerPoint

Unfortunately, after my quick foray into Blingo STARDOM, I have subsequently won not a single movie ticket or ipod nano. That doesn't mean that you still shouldn't sign up and try to win -- but I can't promise any more quick 8-hour turnarounds for winning a prize.

Recent happenings have included a few fabulous law firm meet 'n' greets which get points for free wine and fancy PowerPoint. Unfortunately, none of their presentations can compare to the classy stuff I put out in my high school years (
Stephen King; King of Cliche?) - complete with the special effect "typewriter" to individually type out every letter of each slide - I didn't know at the time that the "special" effect loses most of its charm after the fifth slide. But such is the life of a sophomore in high school amazed by the POWER of TECHNOLOGY.

blast-from-the-past news, I met up with an old friend who I hadn't seen since I moved away from Catskill (home of the best pizza parlor to ever serve pizza & YooHoo!). He was in town with some of his West Point buddies. I learned that night that my best friend from kindergarten - 2nd grade (Samantha! We liked to read!) dropped out of high school and has birthed a few babies. Which made me sade because Samanatha and I liked to read! Not make babies! I also learned that going on a mini-tirade about the Solomon Amendment is not a Well-Timed Thing when surrounded by four men who go to West Point. I told Pete that he would have to AVENGE MY DEATH if I were killed Saturday night; for two quick seconds I thought he might have to own up to his promise. But, instead, I just bought another beer and become fascinated by the Blue Moon lemon. Makes it tasty!!