Bananas go to law school, too!


Snow day-ish

Silver lining to getting the plague last week is that I haven't (and won't) ever smoke again. Clearly, smoking a cigarette a day had nothing to do with the tonsilitis/strep - BUT when you can't swallow your own spit for two days, the thought of putting smoke and tar and other ick past your tonsils on PURPOSE is just painful. So, I'm gonna treat the little guys right; else they rebel AGAIN.

I receieved about a million emails today from friends and family asking about the "Big Snow." Apparently, it snowed a couple feet over the weekend. Outside of one cancelled class, though, it's really not that ridiculous of deal. I don't have a car to shovel out and, unlike Rochester, they actually shovel the sidewalks AND the part of the sidewalk that joins the street (because, really, what's the point of walking on a shoveled walkway when you have to, eventually, stomp hip-deep just to cross the street?) And, in the end, after you hit, say, 6 inches -- there's "a lot of snow;" whether it's 6 inches, a foot or two. As I've said before, what's all the hubbub!?

Now, we should really be focusing the fact that OUR VICE-PRESIDENT SHOT A MAN.