Bananas go to law school, too!


no, to ours!

So, finally all rested up and feeling better today (I can speak without sounding like I am deaf). Went to Bed Bath & Beyond (B-cubed!) and bought new hangers and vanilla-scented sachets and cleaning supplies and OTHER THINGS THAT ARE NOT THE BRIEF. Because, although B3 has a large selection of plush towels, candels and those little waterfall/rock calming oasis things, it does not have any 1L legal writing briefs for my purchasing pleasure.

I finally got down to working on the brief hard-core and I realized that I hate it and, with it, legal writing. There's just something about a three-credit full-year class that I put so much work in for what? Hmm? To learn ALWD-citation and how to write legal papers for a single individual's very specific requirements and needs that will be nothing like my future boss? Consider me underwhelmed.

There's something so cute about watching snow fall and listening to AM radio, though. Every 10 minutes, though, I get a weather advisory update about the crazy snowstorm that is coming in tonight. Rochester has trained me well - I cannot so much bat an eyelash at a foot of snow coming in on a Saturday night. Come ON. Make it interesting and during the Monday commute or something. That would be something I could get excited about. Also, the fact of the matter is that it's supposed to be 50 degrees in 5 days so, really, WHAT'S ALL THE HUBBUB?

Sara & Niki are going to be in NYC next weekend!! It will be most exciting. I am thinking of buying an inflatable mattress for my little houseguest because I don't want S sleeping in my bed (not because I am a bad host, but because I was recently diagnosed with the plague, and, although I have washed my sheets and doused them with anti-bacterial suds, I do not trust them!) but I also don't want S to sleep on our "couch," in all its fire-retardent scratchy glory. Lindsay and Pete have both slept on that couch --- and in PROOF that it is a horrible sleep-spot, Pete purchased a new mattress not 20 MINUTES after waking from its slumber. (totally unrelated to the couch, I know, but give me my poetic license). And, if I get an inflatable mattress, I can carry it with my in its handy carrying case in my jaunts around the US and A this summer (you know, because I'll be unemployed).