Bananas go to law school, too!



Things I learned about New York City through a Boston Case Study:

1. Boston guys are infinitely more attractive than New York City guys. I was on the "T" on my way to my friends' house and there was NOT an unattractive man in the entire subway car. Everyone looked like they stepped out of an Abercrombie ad, what with their popped collars and Red Sox caps and all. New York City, on the other hand, you're lucky if you can find someone who's wearing a shirt and not talking to themselves.

2. Boston bars close bloody early. The first bar we were at, ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY NO LESS, closed at 1. ONE A.M. Who does that? The second bar, the one that's open "late" closed at 2. How was I supposed to break into spontaneous Irish jigs if the bars don't stay open at least until Witching Hour?

3. My quest for the elusive Shamrock Shake has ended in the fair state of Massachusettes. There were no fewer than THREE ShamShake opportunities in the span of four hours. (I only had one, for reals). Manhattan, on the other hand, dead to me. At least when it comes to Shamrock Shakes.

4. The "T" stops every four feet. We walked to one stop. The "T" didn't come. Then we walked two blocks to another stop ON THE SAME LINE (just to kill some time in the cold). We got on the T. Three blocks later, another stop. And this wasn't even in Boston proper. Bostonites don't like walk. Of course, I've been known to walk from Murray Hill to the Upper West Side in a drunken stupor (on occasion).