Bananas go to law school, too!


I'm a fishmonger, not a law student!

Apologies, again, dear readers for being lame and not updating. But I promise, this week, I will be ON TOP OF THINGS. Now, WHY have I been MIA? No, not some fancy pants vacation, not a great increase in productivity, not a week-long cocaine and whiskey-fueled bender. Nope, none of the above, thanks for asking. Instead, I have been ADDICTED to something far more dangerous.

A game called Fish Tycoon.

Essentially, you are a fish breeder. Starting with a small smattering of fish (three or four breeds) you impregnate them with one another (Incest is Best!) until you find the (JAZZ HANDS!) Magic Fish. After some 80 hours of game play - I have found 7/8 of the magic fish. Which is quite nice, quite nice. Unfortunately, the constant feeding, cleaning and selling of my small harem of fishies has taken some time away from blogging. BUT NO MORE. I am only allowing myself a single hour of fish breeding a day. More time for blogging. And law school.